Review: The Shallows

“As revenge-against-the-deep films go, The Shallows isn’t a bad example,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Tickled

Tickled is one of the strangest documentaries to see release in recent times,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Bad Moms

Bad Moms is the American mom party movie that you didn’t know you wanted,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry offers exactly the same thing over and over from minute to minute,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a movie that contains moments of legitimate entertainment value that far outweigh any of its shortcomings,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne “suffers from a terminal lack of charisma and imagination,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Star Trek Beyond

“You could ask for more, but Star Trek Beyond is more than enough to be contented with,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Love & Friendship

“Almost everything about Love & Friendship feels precisely as it is supposed to be,” says Alex Doenau.

Our Kind of Traitor

Review: Our Kind of Traitor

Our Kind of Traitor “retains the necessary energy and commitment to mystery that keeps hurtling le Carre’s duplicitous dilemmas towards viewers,” finds Sarah Ward.