Come with us as we trespass on cinema, with reviews, opinion pieces and a special focus on film events with plenty of film festival previews and coverage.

We’re an inquisitive bunch at Trespass so as well as looking at the latest releases,¬†we also want to know more about the films we love and the talented people who make them. We never forget that film is both an art-form and a business, so we like to keep an eye on the artwork and the trailers that are used to sell movies.

While we won’t always have nice things to say about every film, our goal is never to turn our readers off cinema of any genre. We are passionate about the silver screen and we want to take you with us as we delve into the delights of the world of film.

Editor: Sarah Ward


Trespass Magazine began its life in 2008, under the guidance of founding editor Olivia Hambrett.

Beth Wilson and Lin Tan have both carried the Trespass Magazine editor’s torch in its guise as a film-centric publication.

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  1. Thanks Glenn Dunks for the heads up on Le Chef. Refreshing blast of clear-eyed and incisive aussie-style honesty.

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