Our Kind of Traitor

Review: Our Kind of Traitor

Our Kind of Traitor “retains the necessary energy and commitment to mystery that keeps hurtling le Carre’s duplicitous dilemmas towards viewers,” finds Sarah Ward.

Daddy's Home

Review: Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home sticks with the banalities and bland execution its sitcom-like premise inspires,” says Sarah Ward.

99 Homes

Review: 99 Homes

Charting two men wading through the global financial crisis, 99 Homes “gathers its tension from their complexities,” says Sarah Ward.

Madame Bovary still

Review: Madame Bovary

Page-to-screen adaptation Madame Bovary “misses the spark so crucial to its story,” finds Sarah Ward.

GEMMA BOVERYRéalisé par Anne Fontaine

Review: Gemma Bovery

Gemma Bovery showers its concept with more adoration than it does attention,” finds Sarah Ward.

Poltergeist still

Review: Poltergeist

Horror remake Poltergeist is “wrapped up in a grey-tinted, CGI-heavy, more-is-more perspective,” finds Sarah Ward.

Trash still

Review: Trash

Trash is best seen as a fairytale unravelling in life-like, modern-day surroundings,” says Sarah Ward.

Infini still

Review: Infini

Infini always acts and looks the part of a conventional, closed-in, sci-fi thriller,” says Sarah Ward.