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Review: Creepy

Now screening at the Japanese Film Festival, “ Creepy is a patchwork movie,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Goat

Goat is a brutal and miserable film that speaks to a broken element of American society that shows only tiny and incremental signs of ever improving,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Certain Women

Certain Women asks you to expect nothing of it; sometimes it will give you something back,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Land of Mine

Land of Mine is not a conventionally entertaining movie, but it is very well made,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man is an oddly life-affirming film, weird to its own ends rather than some sort of arbitrary provocation,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Mustang

The measure of a country’s freedom is a director’s capacity to release a film there; there are more Iranian directors in exile than there reasonably should be. That Mustang, a movie about an obscenely oppressive Turkish family and the damage they do to their children, was allowed to be shot and co-produced in Turkey, speaks […]