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Review: Lucy

“The brilliance of Lucy is that it takes a relatively simple idea and renders it completely unpredictable,” finds Alex Doenau.


Review: Chef

Chef is “entirely devoid of surprises, but that’s a good thing” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Her

Her doesn’t say enough, but what it does have to say it says for too long,” says Alex Doenau.


Review: Hitchcock

Josh Forward is impressed by the performances, but found this film couldn’t decide what story it wanted to tell.


Review: The Avengers

by Glenn Dunks
The Avengers does have is a solid gold structure that doesn’t buckle under the weight of its gargantuan expectations and overflowing cast.”

We Bought A Zoo

Review: We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo offers an excess of emotion and optimism, in keeping with the helmer’s style.” Sarah Ward reviews Cameron Crowe’s latest film