Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward is a freelance film critic, arts writer, and film festival organiser. She writes for artsHub, Concrete Playground, FilmInk, Metro Magazine, Screen Education, and Trespass, of course. Her written contributions have popped up at ACMI, Junkee, Lumina, Senses of Cinema, SBS Film, Televised Revolution, At The Cinema, and the World Film Locations book series. Sarah also chats about film on ABC radio, dabbles on her own site (http://www.playslashpause.com/), and tweets at @swardplay.

Alex Doenau

Alex Doenau‘s earliest cinematic memory is of Dumbo peering through the window when he was three years old. Since then he has been to the movies entirely too many times, but all attempts to stop him have failed. He lives in Sydney and works in a vague legal area. His personal site is www.batrock.net and he can be found on Twitter as @batrock.

Former Trespass Magazine writers:

Alice Tynan

Alice is a committed cinephile, though there was a time she feared she might not be critical enough to review films. What a difference a festival makes! While future screenplay ideas percolate, Alice keeps busy contributing to publications including: Rotten Tomatoes, The Big Issue, TheVine, Street Press Australia, Concrete Playground, The Brag, Filmink and can also be found as a regular panellist on The Movie Club. And of course every so often she loves to Trespass…

Read more of her work at www.alicetynan.com

Beth Wilson

A Brit based in Sydney, Beth is constantly fighting for an organised queuing system and the right to call chips, crisps.  She can often be found working at film festivals around NSW, and has become accustomed to surviving on very little sleep.

You can follow her on twitter at @bflwilson.

Glenn Dunks

Glenn Dunks loves films, that we know for sure. As well as being a film critic for Trespass Magazine where his wildly unpredictable tastes you’ve grown accustomed to, Glenn is the creator and writer of film blog Stale Popcorn, film editor at Onya Magazine, has written for The Big Issue and Encore and has been heard on JOY 94.3. Glenn is based in Melbourne, is an active Twitterer (@stalepopcornau) and is particular fond of Australian, horror and queer cinema.

Melissa Wellham

Melissa Wellham is a movie buff, word nerd, music snob, mag hag, comic book aficionado and zine maker. By day she works at a political communications firm (where she drinks tea and watches question time, mostly) and by night she writes (for such fine publications as Trespass, Onya, Lip magazine and BMA magazine).

You can read more of her work at http://melissawellham.blogspot.com/.

Sean Rom

Sean Rom is a Sydneysider who works for an animation studio and spends his spare time writing. He is a lover of film, music, books, arty stuff in general really, your mum jokes and general inappropriateness. He is currently in the process of writing a romance novel entitled “A Caribbean Summer”. Please contact his production company “Love Beach Wow Studios” for information on the film rights.

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