The Top Trespass Articles of 2009

We love lists and what better time to make them than at the end of the year. You’ve read our Top 3 Albums of the Decade, our Top 5 Moments of 2009, our favourite childhood films and you’ll soon discover our Last Supper, Favourite Cities and Top Films of 2009 (get excited).

For now, it’s time to find out what you guys loved reading and commenting on in 2009. The articles that captured your imagination and drove you to agree, disagree or simply to distraction.

Top 10 Most Read Trespass Articles of 2009

1. Cupcake Recipes & Decorations

December 1st

In her first cooking show with us, Jelly Jan whipped up some Christmas cupcakes that drove you all wild. The recipe, photos and step by step instructions drove you even more so. You loved it so much, you made it the most viewed article on Trespass in 2009.

2. 13 Websites to Keep You Active, Proactive and Inactive Online

February 8th

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FreshBooks, Toodled … the list of websites to keep you all buzzing online brought out the inner geek in you all, to become the second most viewed article this year.

3. Fine Lines and Big Leaps

May 14th

The NRL ‘group sex scandal’ was massive and tensions ran high in discussions that took place around the country; in cafes, schools, offices and online. Liv Hambrett’s opinion piece on the fall-out not only comes in at number 3 but was the most commented on article of the year.

4. Look at Me, I’m an Icon

April 27th

Fashion icons seem to abound these days – all it takes is a few good red carpet appearances (Blake Lively) or a birdcage on your head (Gaga) and hey, presto, you’re an icon. And it gets Liv’s goat. Turns out, it got a few goats, coming in at number 4 for 2009.

5. Love, Life and Santorini

January 15th

The lure of armchair travelling proved a strong one this year, with our travel section an oft-visited part of Trespass. The lazy, hazy and sometimes crazy days of a summer in Santorini had you all reaching for the ouzo and your swimmers.

6. The Trespass 200 + 9 for 2009

January 4th

We were oh so aspirational at the beginning of the year, giving you places to eat, drink and play, sights to see and books to read, as well as 9 mantras to live by in 2009. You took to it like ducks to water – so how many of them did you cross off?

7. Keepsakes; The Lost art of Letter Writing

March 30th

The beauty of sending someone a handwritten letter seemed to delight you all, and we’re hoping you gave it a go. Number 7 on the most read list and number 7 on the most commented on list – you all seem to like letters.

8. The Naked Truth

September 3rd

Tired of naked women being used to sell everything from vacuum cleaners to socks, Liv Hambrett finally cracked up. It happened early one morning whilst watching Kate Moss writhe around naked on silk sheets …

9. 24 Hours in … Tokyo

May 4th

Brooke Jury whipped us around the bright lights of Tokyo in twenty four hours and you all loved it so much it became our 9th most read article of the year.

10. The Genuine Article

March 16th

And rounding out the top ten is American comedian, Myka Fox, with her tips on how to get along with society even when you may not be the most socially smooth person out there.


Top 10 Most Commented On Trespass Articles of 2009

We urge you all to revisit these articles, read the (often heated) discussions taking place beneath them and join in.

  1. Fine Lines and Big Leaps
  2. The Small Matter of … Racism
  3. In Search of the Perfect … Gelato
  4. How Could You Do This?
  5. Film: Childhood Favourites
  6. Letter from the Editor; Our First Birthday
  7. Keepsakes; The Lost Art of Letter Writing
  8. Throwing Money at Mediocrity
  9. Just Looking at Your Makes Me Laugh
  10. How Many White Women Does One Brother Want?

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  1. who would have thought that a cupcake recipe and decoration article would leap over the divine Santorini. 2009 was full of surprises. hehe.

    Brilliant year guys. All my luck for 2010. ♥

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