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Trespassing with Francis Coady

The Bondi Short Film Festival is celebrating its 10th year on on the 27th November. Housed at the historic Bondi Pavilion, this festival is recognised internationally as a launching pad for young Australian filmmakers and prides itself on presenting the highest quality short films Australia has to offer. From stunning animations to powerful dramas, cutting edge documentaries and quirky comedies, it is little wonder that the Bondi Short Film Festival has reached cult status amongst indie filmmakers and audiences alike.

So we decided to find out more about the Founder and Festival Director, Francis Coady…

My childhood dream job was…To run a live venue!

The first album I ever bought was…10,9,8..Midnight Oil

The first film I remember watching was My Life as a Dog directed by Lasse Hallström and I saw it at…my Mum’s house on VHS.

My favourite book is…Currently reading The Outsider by Albert Camus…Solid!

The first concert I attended was…my first Piano recital. I stuffed up Bach badly in front of my entire family.

The film of my life would be directed byMichael Hanekeand starring…Jim Carey

I wish I’d sung/written/directed …. The Sound of Music…Massive royalties. Haha

The most useful career advice I’ve ever received was from …. my mother and she said…. just keep going

The motto I try and live by…Consistency and perseverance!

I created the Bondi Short Film Festival with the hope of…giving young filmmakers a festival to screen their films at to a discerning audience.

Bondi is the perfect place for a short film festival because…Sun, Surf and Sand! What more do you need?

To be a festival director you need… a good head of hair as most of it goes from stress.

The strangest thing to happen at the Bondi Short Film Festival over its last 10 years was definitely …Two people having sex on the beach in full view of everyone on the balcony as they sipped champagne.

My proudest festival moment has been…Reaching our 10 year Birthday this year!

I’m going to celebrate the 10th year of the festival with.A long surf. I have not had time to get out of the office much. Ahhhhh

If you come to the Bondi Film Festival on the 27th November you can expect...14 stunning short films from the finest short film-makers in the country.

The Bondi Short Film Festival will be taking place on the 27th November at the Bondi Pavilion, for more information and session times click here to visit their website

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