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Trying Something New Tuesday: Honey Comb Valley

A little parcel arrived in the post for me. It was small, smelled delicious, and when shook it gave a satisfying rattling sound. I opened it to discover the deliciousness that is Honey Comb Valley beauty products. Honey Comb Valley is a farm, located three hours north of Sydney, that is pioneering the term ‘farmaceuticals’. They are advocates for natural and eco-friendly beauty products, made in a sustainable environment. Their signature product? Um, honey! From their very own bees. The first product I opened was the sweetest little pottle I’ve ever seen (I’m a sucker for cute pottles) – it was a honey and vanilla lipbalm (yum!), which is the consistency of something resembling caramel. Their other fabulous products include ‘Farm Balm Gold’ (the MOST AMAZING moisturiser, especially great for sensitive skin, people with extremely dry skin, and psoriasis), handmade soaps made from goat’s milk (smell better than you’d expect, and yes the milk is from their own goats!), a multitude of lipbalms in both pottle and stick form, and even a natural insect repellent. This range is awesome for those of us who are concerned about ingesting chemicals through products, and by purchasing from Honey Comb Valley you’re supporting an awesome little family grown project, that really utilises sustainable resources.

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